Discover Blazing-Fast Internet with KPUD Fiber!

Imagine KPUD’s Fiber Network as a massive, multi-lane superhighway designed for ultimate connectivity

Kitsap WiFi is your trusted local driver, ready to give you a smooth, high-speed ride on this incredible network.

How does it work?

KPUD provides the roads, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like us are the cars that get you where you need to go online. KPUD’s commitment to a competitive marketplace lets you choose the “car” (and service) that’s perfect for you.

With Kitsap WiFi on the KPUD Fiber Network, you’ll benefit from:
  • Blazing-fast Gigabit speeds
    Effortlessly stream, game, and handle large file transfers.
  • Reliable, always-on connectivity
    No more slowdowns or frustrating outages.
  • Local support from people you know
    Get help from neighbors who understand your needs.

Home Internet Plan


1000Mbps Fiber Internet


and $125 Setup

  • Gigabit Speeds
  • Served by a local ISP
  • No caps or bandwidth limits
  • Ask about VOIP Calling
  • Contact us today to learn more!

Built Locally in Kingston, WA

Upgrade to the KPUD Fiber Superhighway with Kitsap WiFi! For more information or to answer any questions, please contact us.

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