A little about us...

We're not happy with how things work when it comes to using our phones, streaming movies, or making calls, whether local or around the world.

  • Living here, we've faced the same issues as everyone else. We know what's wrong with the current services. That's why we're doing something different.
  • Kitsap Communications, LLC, is a company we started from scratch. We built a super fast network and made sure our customers are the main focus. We own it, we run it, and we're based right in Kitsap County.
  • We don't rely lobbing congress and politicians to keep internet costs high, making it too expensive for a lot of people.
  • We don't spy on what our customers do on the internet, then sell that information.
  • We're just a group of local folks who love tech and want to do a great job. We're all about providing a reliable service that you can trust.