Drop Off and On-Site PC Repair and Networking

I’m Andrew

I have nearly 25 years experience in IT/PC Repair & Networking and provide help for many homes and businesses.  My clients are important to me. They trust me with their personal and business data, let me into the homes and businesses and can depend on me to get the job done, no matter what it takes.

  • Monday – Friday: 8am – 4pm
  • By Appointment Only

Serving all of Kitsap

On-Site & Remote Consulting for Home & Business

  • Residential – $125/hr
  • Business – $150/hr
  • Residential – $175/hr
  • Business – $250/hr

Drop-Off Services

  • $85/hr
  • Most jobs 60-90 mins on average
Desktop, Laptops and Servers Wired and Wireless Networks Phones (VOIP), Cameras (IP)

Hardware upgrades, slow computers, failing hard drives, broken screens and slow internet are just a few of the challenges that I can assist you with.

  • Lend you advice on buying a new computer.
  • Fix or tune-up an older computer.
  • Help you find affordable replacements for failing hardware that would normally be too expensive to repair.
  • Install wireless and wired networks.
  • Set up home or business security cameras.
  • Set up printers, copiers and scanners.