Available Late October 2021

Kingston's only local Fiber-Fast Internet Service Provider!  Speeds up to 100/100Mbps

Prices start at $99/mo + $300 one time professional install.*

Take our survey today and let us know you're interested!

*Avoid by adding +$25/mo for 12 months.

Limited coverage will be available coming October 2021. 


Available October 31st

Email Us:
Call Us: 360.638.6116

  • Kingston Colonial Heights'

  • The Maples

  • Time Square Apartments

  • Bay View Estates

  • 2nd Ave and Surrounding

  • Harbor Place

  • Bradly Center

  • Kingston Meadows

  • Seaside Kingston

  • Princeton Point

Kitsap WiFi empowers communities by serving Fiber-Fast Wireless Internet Access with friendly local support. We're currently looking for anyone interested (home or business) in downtown kingston. Our goal is to provide fiber-fast wireless internet access without having to spend a fortune.

Here's Why It's Awesome

Local Professional Customer Service

We're a small team of IT professionals with the customer in mind. We supply Fiber-Fast Wireless Internet to homes and businesses.  Should questions or issue arise, we're available to help when its most important to you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower Kitsap County communities by providing high speed broadband with local support.. We tailor our services to fit the needs of residential customers as well as small to large enterprise businesses.

Fiber-Fast Wireless Internet

We will work with you to ensure your relationship with technology is easily understood.  We provide uninterrupted fiber-fast internet access with no data caps.  You'll be able to upload and download at same speed.