Hi, we're Kitsap WiFi.

Kitsap WiFi empowers communities by serving Fiber-Fast Wireless Internet Access with friendly local support. Our goal is to provide fiber-fast wireless internet access without having to spend a fortune.

6/9/21 -

We plan to start offering service by August 2021 if not sooner.  We've had a healthy amount of people fill out the survey in many areas across Kitsap.   If you are located in downtown Kingston, we'd like to hear from you!

  • Harbor Place

  • Port of Kingston Marina

  • Bradly Center

  • Kingston Meadows

  • 2nd Ave (Tanner Building)

  • Seaside Kingston

  • Kingston Colonial Heights

  • Cherry Hill Place

  • Driftwood Keys

  • The Maples

  • Time Square Apartments

  • Bay View Estates

  • Princeton Point